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Unit 1 Test 基础训练 Ⅰ.找出每组词汇中不属于同一类的选项 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.my B.his C.you D.her )2.A.what B.his C.your D.my )3.A.telephone B.card C.clock D.family )4.A.number B.eight C.seven D.six )5.A.two B.four C.six D.nine )6.A.Peter B.Amy C.Linda D.Mary )7.A.Smith B.Bill C.Brown D.Bush )8.A.first name B.last name C.family name D.phone number

Ⅱ.将下列的名和姓进行分类 Barry Vickers Tony Green Michael Bill Paula Jones Mark Amy Gina Liza Peter Smith Linda Brown Cooper Black Grace Mary First name boys’ name (9) girls’ name (10) last name (11) Ⅲ.用英语完成下列算式 12.____-two=two 15.____+four=six 18.One-one=____ Ⅳ.用 am,is,are 填空 21.What ________ your name? 22.My name ________ Tom. 13.____+one=nine 16.____-six=three 19.Four+four=____ 14.Nine-____=six 17.Five+____=six 20.Eight-three=____

23.I ________ John Brown. 25.________ his name Peter?

24.Her name ________ Lucy. 26.________ you Kate?

27.My phone number ________ 2836579. 28.It ________ my English book. 29.His family name ________ White. 30.I ________ in Grade One. Ⅴ.单项选择 ( )31.________ your name,please? My name is Jim. A.What ( B.What’s C.Who D.Who’s

)32.I am ________ ,I am an English boy. A.John Brown C.Gina Green B.Brown John D.Green Gina

)33.My mother is Alice Johnson. ________ phone number is 2546809. A.His B.Your C.Her D.Its

)34.I ________ Ken. My family name ________ Martin. A.am,am B.is,is C.is,am D.am, is

)35.— Good morning,Miss Gao! — ________! A.Hello C.Good morning B.Hi D.Thank you

)36.— Nice to meet you. — ________. A.Thank you C.Don’t say so B.The same to you D.Nice to meet you,too

)37.________ name is Mark and ________ name is Liza. A.His,his B.Her,her C.His,her D.Her,his

)38.— What’s your car number?

— ________ 321471. A.I’m ( B.It’s C.Its D.My car is

)39.— Hello,Jim. — ________. A.Yes B.Thank you C.Hello,Kate D.Yes,Kate

)40.— Sit down,please. — ________.




D.Thank you

)41.I ________ Tom. What ________ your name? A.am,am B.am,is C.is,is D.is, am

)42.“Sit down,please. ”“ ________ .” A.Fine B.Thank you C.Thanks you D.Yes

)43.“What’s this? ”“ ________. ” A.It’s pen ( B.This is pen C.It’s a pen D.This is an pen

)44.“What’s that? ”“ ________. ” B.That is a milk C.It’s a milk D.That’s an milk

A.It’s milk (

)45.________ is my friend. B.Frank Mr. C.Mr. Black D.Black Mr.

A.Mr. Frank (

)46.________ is a good friend. B.Colin C.Walter D.Tina

A.Michael (

)47.I’m an English boy. My name’s ________. B.David C.Nancy D.Julia


)48.What color is our national(国家的)flag? It’s ________. B.red C.orange D.an orange

A.a red (

)49.Let’s ________ the map. B.look at C.look to D.see

A.look (

)50.What’s this ________ ? It’s a hat. B.in English D.at English

A.in the English C.for English Ⅵ.连词成句,注意标点符号 51.name, is, her, family, James (.) 52.name, Green, Jim, my, is (.) 53.to, you, morning, good (.) 54.nice, you, meet, to, too (.) 55.name, her, is, what (?) 56.blue, is, pencil, case, my (.)

57.and, Amy, he, friends, good, are (.) 58.look, the, at, let’s, phone (.) 59.the, color, picture, please, red (.) 60.English, your, is, what, name (?) Ⅶ.根据所给句子写出问句 61.____________________________________________________________? His name is John. 62.____________________________________________________________? His telephone number is 2896436. 63.____________________________________________________________? My family name is Perez.

64.____________________________________________________________? His car number is 461488. 65.____________________________________________________________? My first name is Alice. Ⅷ.从所给句子中选择恰当的一项完成对话,有两个句子是多余的 A.It’s Kay. B.Nice to see you, Beth. C.Nice to meet you, too. D.It’s green. E.I’m Eli. F.Thank you. G.It’s a hat. H.That’s right. I.Yes. J—A —M—E—S, James. J.It’s Dianhua. K.All right. L.That’s all right. 66.What’s your name, please? 68.Who’s that? 70.Nice to meet you. 72.Draw a TV, please. 67.Sorry, I am late.

69.What’s this? 71.Can you spell your name? 73.What color is it?

74.What’s the Chinese for“phone”? 75.This is Beth, John. 能力训练 Ⅸ.补全对话,每空一词 Jim: Good morning! Gao: Good morning! Jim: Jim Green. Gao: Jim, please Jim: 79 78 down. 76 Gao Hui. 77 your name, please?

you, Miss Gao. 80 our school!

Gao: Welcome

76.________ 77.________ 78.________ 79.________ 80.________


A Her 81 name is Mary. Her 85 82 name is Brown. 83 is 13. She 84

in Class Three, Grade One. ( ( ( ( ( B A: Good morning! B: A: B: A: I B: 86 87 88 89 90 )81.A.first )82.A.first )83.A.Her )84.A.is )85.A.Her

telephone number is 3261058. C.last C.English

B.family B.family B.It B.am B.She

C.She C.are C.His

your name, please? name is Amy. And you? Peter. Nice to meet you. . 91 . this in the picture? Kate. She’s English. English?

A: What’s this B: It’s A: And B: 94 92 93

A: Thank you very much. B: ( ( ( ( 95 .

)86.A.Thanks B.Thank you C.Good morning D.I’m nice )87.A.What B.What’s C.Who D.Who’s )88.A.I B.I’m C.My D.My is )89.A.am B.is C.name D.name’s

)90.A.Nice to meet you, too B.Thanks C.Thank you D.You are very nice

( ( ( ( (

)91.A.for B.at C.in D.with )92.A.picture B.a picture C.the picture D.an picture )93.A.What B.What’s C.Who D.Who’s )94.A.It’s B.Its C.It D.He’s )95.A.Ok B.All right C.That’s all right D.Right

Ⅺ.阅读理解 A My name is Charlie Street. I’m not twelve. I am eleven. I’m not in Grade Eight. I am in Grade Seven. I’m in Class Two. My teacher isn’t Miss Black. My teacher is Mr Grey. My phone number is 6688469. 根据短文回答问题,每空一词。 96.What is my last name? 97.How old am I? ________

________ In Grade ________. ________ ________. In Class ________

98.What grade am I in? 99.Who is my teacher? 100.What class am I in? B

Good afternoon, boys and girls. I’m Li Hong. I’m an English boy. Li Hong is my Chinese name. Look, this is a picture of my family. The tall man is my father. His name is Ken Martin. This is my mother, Sandy Jordan. Who’s that little girl? She is my sister, Lucy. Can you find me in the picture? I’m the boy in blue. 根据短文选择正确答案。 ( )101.This is ________ family. B.an English C.a Japanese D.an American

A.a Chinese (

)102.There are ________ people(人)in the picture.

A.one (




)103.________ is my father. B.Ken C.Mrs. Martin D.Mr. Jordan

A.Sandy (

)104.________ is my mother. B.Ken C.Mrs. Martin D.Mr. Jordan

A.Sandy (

)105.What color am I in? I am in ________. B.black C.blue D.red

A.brown Ⅻ.书面表达

编写一段话,向全班同学作自我介绍,内容包括自己的姓名、父母的姓名、家庭电 话号码等,开头已经给出。 Good morning, class!

Unit 2 Ⅰ.找出每组词中不同类的一个 ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.pen B.pencil )2.A.key B.book )3.A.the B.of )4.A.this B.that )5.A.your B.her C.ruler D.ring C.notebook D.dictionary C.a D.an C.please D.it C.his D.I

Ⅱ.词和词组 A)看图写单词 6.b ________ 7.r ________ 8.pe ________ 9.e ________ 10.ba ________ B)翻译下列词组 11.用英语________ 12.卷笔刀________ 13.电子游戏________

14.一套、一副________ 15.失物招领________ Ⅲ.排列下列国家参加运动会入场式的先后顺序 Finland England Angola France Italy Japan Canada Germany Holland Brazil

16.________ 17.________ 18.________ 19.________ 20.________ 21.________ 22.________ 23.________ 24.________ 25.________ Ⅳ.单项选择 ( )26.Tom is his ________ name. B.first C.family D.Chinese


)27.Is this your backpack? ________. A.Yes, it’s B.Yes, it is C.No, it not D.No, its not

)28.How do you spell pen? ________. A.This is a pen B.It’s a pen C.P— E— N D.Yes. P— E— N

)29.Is that your watch? ________. B.No, I’m not C.Yes, that is D.No, it isn’t

A.Yes, I am ( A.in (

)30.Please call me ________ 9543526. B.of C.at D.on

)31.This is ________ eraser and that’s ________ gold ring. B.an, an C.a, an D.an, a

A.a, a ( A.in (

)32.What’s this ________ Chinese? It is“Dian shi”. B.of C.at D.for

)33.________ Gina, this is ________ book. B.I’m, an C.She’s, his D.He’s, her

A.I’m, my (

)34.This is ________ apple. It’s ________ red apple. B.a, an C.an, a D.an, an

A.a, a (

)35.Sorry, this is not ________ ruler. B.a my C.an D.my

A.my a (

)36.Kate is ________ English. She is ________ English student. B.×, × C.an, × D.×, an

A.an, an (

)37.________ you Miss Read? Yes. My name ________ Sue Read. B.Are, is C.Is, are D.Is, is

A.Are, am (

)38.Tom and I ________ good friends. He ________ twelve. B.am, is C.is, are D.are, are

A.are, is (

)39.Your watch is very nice. ________.

A.No, it isn’t (


C.Thank you


)40.________ , I’m late. That’s all right. B.Excuse me C.I sorry D.I’m wrong


Ⅴ.选用所给的词填空(注意句首的第一个字母要大写) how, am, are, his, your, her, my, is, an, what 41.She is a student and ________ name is Maria. 42.Wang Hong,this is ________ bag. Here you are. 43.Where is ________ eraser? I can’t find it. 44.Peter is English. Mr Zhang is ________ Chinese teacher. 45.Excuse me! ________ this your gold ring? 46.________ you Lucy? Yes,I am. 47.This is ________ old watch. 48.I ________ a Chinese boy. 49.________ is that in English? It’s a watch. 50.________ do you spell computer? C—O—M—P—U—T—E—R. Ⅶ.按要求转换句型 56.This is an ID card. (就画线部分提问)

57.That is a notebook. (改为一般疑问句)

58.Is this his backpack? (做出肯定的简略回答)

59.It is Lucy’s dictionary. (改为否定句)

60.Is that her nice watch? (变为肯定的陈述句)

Ⅷ.连词成句,注意所给的标点符号 61.Think, I, pencil, it, his, is, (.) 62.know, you, do, how, him, (?) 63.boy, friend, the, your, is, (?) 64.not, it, this, gold, ring, my, (.) 65.in, the, that, your, and, lost, found, case, key, is, (?)

能力训练 Ⅸ.用所给选项完成对话, 将序号填在对话下面的横线上 A.How are you B.Hello C.How old are you D.What’s your name E.Yes F.Thanks G.I’m fine H.Goodbye I.Excuse me J.It’s a pencil A: 66 ! 67 ?

B: My name is Liu Ying. A: 68 ? 69 , too. . . And you? 71 , what’s this in English?

B: Fine. A: B: 70 72

A: Can you spell it, please? B: 73 . P— E— N— C— I— L, pencil. 74 ?

A: Thank you. B: I’m thirteen. A: Goodbye! B: 75 !

Ⅹ.完形填空 A: Excuse 76 , what’s 77 , please?

B: My name is Ann Read. And A: Wei Hua, 79 you do?



B: How do you do? A: 80 in the bag? Is it a pear? 81 82 orange. that in English? 83 bus. 85 “bus”?

B: No, It’s A: What

B: It’s a bus, a A: 84

. Can you

B: Yes, I can. b-u-s, bus. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )76.A.my B.me C.I D.you )77.A.that B.it C.this D.your name )78.A.are you B.your C.name D.your name )79.A.How B.How do C.How are D.How old )80.A.What B.Is C.What’s D.How )81.A.× B.a C.an D.the )82.A.is B.are C.am D.be )83.A.chinese B.Chinese C.China D.English )84.A.Sorry B.Excuse me C.Good D.No )85.A.say B.look C.meet D.spell

Ⅺ.阅读理解 A)阅读下面对话,判断正(T)误(F) A: Hello! B: Hello! What’s your name? A: My name is Wang Lin. What about you? B: My name is Wei Hua. How are you?

A: I’m fine, thank you. And you? B: I’m fine, too. What grade are you in, Wang Lin? A: I’m in Grade One. Are you in Grade One,too? B: No, I’m in Grade Two. How old are you? A: I’m eleven. What about you? B: I’m one year older than you. A: Oh! What is in your hand? B: It is an orange. A: Can you spell it? B: Yes, O—R—A—N—G—E, orange. ( ( ( )86.Wang Lin is in Grade Two. )88.Wang Lin is eleven. ( ( )87.Wei Hua is in Grade one. )89.Wei Hua is twelve.

)90.There is an orange in Wang Lin’s hand.

B)阅读下列短文,选择正确答案 Peter and I are good friends. Peter is an American boy. I am a Japanese girl. He is thirteen. I am twelve. We are in the same class,Class Two. Peter has a nice clock. He likes it very much. He puts it on his desk. Every morning it wakes him up (叫醒他) . I have a new watch. It looks beautiful. I wear (戴) it everyday. It tells me the time. It helps(帮助)me a lot in my daily life. I can not live without it. ( )91.Peter and I are ________. B.teachers C.sisters D.brothers

A.friends (

)92.Peter is ________. B.a Japanese girl D.an English girl

A.an English boy C.an American boy ( )93.I have ________.

A.a beautiful clock

B.an old watch

C.a new watch ( )94.Peter ________.

D.a nice clock

A.wears his clock everyday C.wears his new watch every day (

B.puts his clock on his desk D.likes his new watch very much

)95.Peter and I are ________. B.in the same row D.in America

A.in different classes C.in Class Two Ⅻ.书面表达 完成下列招领启事和寻物启事。

招领启事:物品是一串钥匙,找 John 领取,电话为 3539495. 寻物启事:物品是一只新手表,失主是 Steve,电话为 6034685. Found: _____________________ ___________________________ Lost: ______________________

Unit 3 Ⅰ.按要求写出相应的词 1.this(反义词)________ 2.these(反义词)________

3.it(复数形式)________ 4.that(复数形式)________ 5.photo(复数形式)________ 6.picture(复数形式)________ 7.cousin(复数形式)________ 8.friend(复数形式)________ 9.son(对应词)________ Ⅱ.根据句意及首字母写出单词 11.My father’s mother is my g ________. 12.My father’s father is my g ________. 13.My father’s sisters are my a ________. 14.My father’s brothers are my u ________. 15.My uncle’s children are my c ________. 16.My parents’d ________ is my sister. 17.I am a boy. I’m my parents’ ________. 18.This is my f ________ photo. These are my parents and this is me. 19.T ________ for your help(帮助)! 20.We like English very m ________. Ⅳ.单项选择 ( )27.Is he your friend? Yes, ________. A.it is ( A.it is ( B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t 10.sister(对应词)________

)28.Is this your father? No, ________. B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t

)29.Is that your ________ ? B.picture C.pictures D.nice pictures

A.a picture

)30.Are ________ Kate’s ________? B.that,book C.these,books D.those,book

A.this, book (

)31.Is Guo Peng your brother? ________. B.No,it isn’t C.Yes, she is D.No,he isn’t

A.Yes,it is ( A.of ( A.He (

)32.Thanks ________ your last letter. B.from C.for D.to

)33.Anna is not my sister. ________ my cousin. B.He’s C.She D.She’s

)34.Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________ name? B.she,her C.he,her D.she,his

A.he,his (

)35.What are those? ________. B.They are apples trees D.Those are apples trees

A.They are apple trees C.Those are apple trees

Ⅴ.将下列句子变为一般疑问句,并作简要的肯定回答和否定回答 36.This is Gina. 37.That is his brother.

38.He is my good friend.

39.These are nice pictures.

40.Those are school things.

Ⅵ.用 am,is,are 填空 41.Excuse me! ________ this your eraser? 42.What ________ those? ________ they birds?

43.This ________ his ruler. Where ________ my ruler? 44.I ________ in Class Three. ________ you in Class Three,too? 45.________ these her English books? 46.Those ________ their apples. Where ________ his apples? 47.She ________ eleven. How old ________ that boy? 48.He ________ my friend. ________ your friend a boy or a girl? 49.________ those maps? No,they ________ not. They ________ pictures. 50.These ________ your bananas. Here you ________. Ⅶ.连词成句,注意标点符号 5l.his, here, is, photo, family, (.) 52.your, the, for, of, thanks, photo, family, (.) 53.your, is, brother, Paul, (?) 54.are, not, these, grandparents, his, (.) 55.she, aunt, his, is, (?) Ⅷ.完形填空 My name is Wang Li. My English teacher has a son and a daughter. Black is 61 China. 63 English. ( ( ( ( )56.A.be B.is C.am D.are )57.A.She B.Her C.He D.His )58.A.His son B.His daughter C.Her son D.Her daughter )59.A.His son B.His daughter C.Her son D.Her daughter are classmates, and we are 64 . I teach her Chinese and 65 teaches me , too. He and his son are 62 New York now. Mrs Black and Maria are in 58 is Ben. 59 56 Linda. She is from the USA. is Maria. Her husband is 60 57 . Mr

( (

)60.A.Black Paul B.Paul Black C.Black Anna D.Anna Black )61.A.a student B.an English student C.a Chinese teacher D.an English teacher

( ( ( (

)62.A.at B.from C.in D.on )63.A.Ben and I B.I and Ben C.Maria and I D.I and Maria )64.A.good friend B.a good friend C.good friends D.friend )65.A.he B.she C.they D.her

Ⅸ.阅读短文并填入所缺单词,然后根据其内容判断正(T)误(F) Come teacher. They 66 72 meet the family. This is a picture 69 policeman. The woman is 74 67 70 my family. The man mother, She is 73 75 77 71 68 English

my father. He is

a son and a daughter. The son is me. 76

name is Lin Tao. I’m . Her name is Lin the same class. I

eleven. I’m a student. I’m look 79 78 her. We

school. The girl in a hat is my the same. We’re

Ying. She’s eleven, too. We’re twins. We

good students. We like



66.________ 67.________ 68.________ 69.________ 70.________ 71.________ 72.________ 73.________ 74.________ 75.________ 76.________ 77.________ 78.________ 79.________ 80.________ ( ( ( ( ( )81.This is a picture of Lin Ying’s family. )82.Lin Tao and Lin Ying are twins. )83.Lin Tao’s father is a policeman. )84.Lin Ying’s mother is a Chinese teacher. )85.Lin Tao and Lin Ying are in different classes.

Ⅹ.阅读短文,然后答题 A Look at this. What’s this in English, do you know? Ah, it’s a photo. Who’s that in the photo? It’s Li Yan. Li Yan is my good friend. She is a beautiful girl. Who’s that? The

boy in black? It’s Jim. He is an English boy. He is very cool. He is my friend, too. We are all in the same school. I like Jim and Li Yan. 根据短文内容选择正确答案。 ( )86.What is t his? It’s ________. A.a school ( B.a friend C.a photo D.an English friend

)87.Li Yan is ________. A.a good boy C.a beautiful girl B.a cool boy D.an English girl

)88.What color is Jim in? ________. A.Red B.Yellow C.Orange D.Black

( A.I (

)89.Who’s English? ________. B.Jim C.Li Yan D.Jim and Li Yan

)90.Who are in the same school? ________. A.Jim and Li Yan C.Li Yan and I B.Jim and I D.Jim, Li Yah and I

B My name is Nancy. I’m a student. I’m twelve. My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher, too. John is my brother. We are all in Beijing, China. The man in a black coat is my father. The woman in a red sweater is my mother. The boy behind the tree is John. We are very happy here. We love Beijing. 根据短文内容回答下列问题。 91.How old is Nancy? ________________________

92.Who is Nancy’s brother? ________________________ 93.What are Nancy’s father and mother? ________________________ 94.Where are they now? 95.Do they like Bijing? ________________________


Unit 4 基础训练 Ⅰ.根据句意,写出划线词的对应词或反义词 1.His first name is John,and his ________ name is Brown. 2.________ your pictures here. Take the books there. 3.Linda is my ________, and Clark is my uncle. 4.Ask and ________ these questions. 5.The parents have a son and a ________. Ⅱ.将下列词组译成英语 6.在课桌下面 ________________ 8.在背包里 ________________ 7.在沙发上面 ________________ 9.在抽屉里 ________________ 11.在电话旁边 ________________ 13.在墙面上 ________________

10.在椅子背后 ________________ 12.在图片里 ________________

14.在梳妆台和床之间 ________________ 15.在地上 ________________ Ⅲ.单项选择 ( )16.Is your photo in the drawer? ________. B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

A.Yes, I am (

)17.________ my baseball? It’s under the chair. A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are

)18.________ under the tree? No,they aren’t. B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

A.Where are (

)19.Where are your brothers? ________. B.He is in his room D.I don’t know

A.He is at home C.Yes,they are (

)20.There ________ a computer on the desk.

A.are ( A.Is (




)21.________ there water in the cup? B.Are C.Has D.Have

)22.What’s under the desk? ________. B.I can see a set of keys D.There’s a cat

A.It’s a football C.They are red box (

)23.He ________ a small room. ________ a nice desk in it. B.has, Has D.has, There is

A.is, There is C.have, There is (

)24.Lucy and Lily ________ a new bike. B.has D.there are

A.have C.there is ( A.are Ⅳ.句型转换

)25.There ________ an orange and two apples on the table. B.has C.is D.have

26.We are in Beijing. (就划线部分提问) ________ ________ we? 27.Can you bring the ruler to me? (作出否定回答) No, ________ ________. 28.I draw pictures on the wall. (变为否定句) I ________ ________ pictures on the wall. 29.We have two new students in our class. (变为同义句) ________ ________ two new students in our class. 30.There’s an English book in the desk. (变为复数句) ________ ________ English ________ in the desks.

Ⅴ.改正句中的一处错误 31.Where’s Wuhan and Changsha? ________ 32.Where’re the flowers? It’s on the table. ________ 33.There is a picture book on dresser. ________ 34.There’s a window(窗户)on the wall. ________ 35.We can see some birds on the tree. ________ 36.I need my hat. Please take it here. ________ 37.It’s on the floor,between the bookcase or the desk. ________ 38.We aren’t know his name. ________ 39.Some things are in the bed. ________ 40.Here is the CDs. ________ 能力训练 Ⅵ.选择句子补全对话 A. Yes! B. The keys? They’ re on the table. C. No, they aren’ t. D. How about my books? E.It’s under the sofa. A: Hey, Susan! B: 41 .

A: Is my computer game on the table? B: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase. A: Oh, OK. B: 43 42 . Are they on the bookcase, too?

. They’re on the chair.

A: Oh. So, where is my pencil case? B: 44 .

A: And where’s my backpack?

B: It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair. A: Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys? B: 45 .

Ⅶ.完形填空 A This is a a ball is 49 You 52 books and flowers 55 53 it. I 54 my’ English books in my schoolbag. it. 50 desk is near the window. You can see a 51 behind the desk. 46 of my bedroom. It’s a nice 47 . The door is 48 . And

The bag is now behind ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B Look at the p see i 59 books are o 61


)46.A.picture B.book C.map D.family )47.A.classroom B.room C.toilet D.home )48.A.there over B.here C.this D.that )49.A.in B.on C.under D.behind )50.A.Me B.I C.My D.Mine )51.A.window B.door C.clock D.chair )52.A.see B.can see C.must see D.look at )53.A.from B.on C.at D.of )54.A.put B.colour C.find D.put on )55.A.a B.the C.an D.of


. It’s a picture o 60


a classroom. W


can you

the classroom? I can see a b 62

desk in the front of the classroom. Some 63 them. Where a 64 the

the desk. What other things can you see on the teacher’s desk? I can . There is some chalk i 65 the door.

see two white b

brooms? They are b

56.________ 57.________ 58.________ 59.________ 60.________ 61.________ 62.________ 63.________ 64.________ 65.________ Ⅷ.阅读理解,根据短文内容选择正确答案 A This is a room in Kate’s house. There is a big bed, a table, a computer and some chairs in it. There’s a glass and some books on the table. There is a picture on the wall. Kate is in the room. She is looking at the picture. Her father and mother are in the school. They work hard. ( )66.Is there only one room in Kate’s house? B.There is a bed. D.I don’t know.

A.Yes, there is. C.There is a computer. ( )67.What’s in the room?

A.Only a bed. C.Only some chairs. chairs. (

B.Only a table. D.A bed, a table, a computer and some

)68.Is there anything on the table? B.No, there isn’t. D.A glass.

A.Yes, there is. C.Some books. ( )69.Who is at home?

A.Kate’s father. C.Kate s brother. (

B.Kate’s mother. D.Kate.

)70.Kate’s father and mother are ________. B.students C.friends D.at home

A.teachers B

Mrs. King: Oh, Bill, where are my gloves(手套)? They aren’t here. Mr. King: Maybe they’re in the dining-room.

Mrs. King: No, they aren’t in our dining-room. Are they there? Mr. King: No, they aren’t here. Mrs. King: Are they on the table? Mr. King: No. Oh, here’s a glove under the chair. It’s black. Mrs. King: No, that isn’t my glove. My gloves are white. Oh, Bill, are they here, in the car? Are they on you seat? Or under your seat? Mr. King: No, they aren’t there. But are they in your bag? Mrs. King: No, they aren’t. Mr. King: Are you sure? Mrs. King: Yes... oh, Bill, they are here. Yes, these are my gloves. They are in my bag. Bill, I’m very sorry. ( )71.Mrs. King is looking for her ________. C.gloves D.seat

A.dining-room B.car (

)72.The glove under the chair is ________. B.black C.Mrs. King’s D.Bill’s

A.white (

)73.________ first name is Bill. B.Mr. King’s C.Her D.Mrs. King’s

A.Mr. King ( A.bag

)74.Mrs. King’s gloves are in her ________. B.car C.house D.dining-room

Unit5 Ⅰ.选择可以替代划线部分的选项 ( )1.His family name is White. B.middle name C.first name D.given name

A.last name (

)2.I think the math class is boring, so I don’t like it. B.difficult C.not interesting D.not difficult

A.interesting (

)3.Thanks a lot. B.very much C.very D.much

A.many ( A.has (

)4.Ed likes sports. B.have C.does D.loves

)5.Let’s have a look at the collections. B.see D.look

A.have a watch C.look at Ⅱ.用所给词的正确形式填空

6.That ________(sound) interesting. 7.________ you ________(have) a tennis racket? 8.My brother ________(have) a baseball bat. 9.We have many ________(club) in our school. 10.Let watch ________(they) on TV. 11.She ________(play) sports every day. 12.Can you ________(bring) your new picture books here? 13.________ your friend ________(like) sports? 14.Let ________(we) play tennis. 15.That’s an ________(interest) computer game. Ⅲ.单项选择

)16.I ________ TV at night(在晚上). B.see C.watch D.look

A.look at (

)17.Let’s ________ the map on the wall. B.see C.watch D.look

A.look at (

)18.I can ________ many things on the table. B.see C.watch D.look

A.look at (

)19.The question is not easy. It’s very ________. B.difficulty C.relating D.not difficult

A.difficult (

)20.Let’s play ________ basketball. I don’t like playing ________ violin

(小提琴)at home. A.the, the ( B.the, × C.×, the D.×, ×

)21.________ your friend like English? B.Do C.Is D.Has

A.Does (

)22.________ our club, please! B.Join in C.Come D.Go

A.Join (

)23.Let’s ________ and ________ football on the playground. B.go, play D.go, to play

A.to go, to play C.to go, play (

)24.________ they have any sports collections? Yes, they ________. B.Do, do C.Can, do D.Do, can

A.Are, are (

)25.Can you ________ it ________ English? B.say, in C.talk, with D.tell, with

A.speak, in

Ⅳ.从右栏中找出与左栏对应的答语 26.Are there pictures on the wall? 27.Is there a ball under the desk? A.Yes, they do. B.Yes, it is.

28.Do they have a tennis racket? 29.Does she like the hat? 30.Let’s play computer games? 31.Is that your baseball? 32.Are these chairs? 33.Are these chairs or sofas? 34.What’s on the dresser? 35.What do you have? Ⅴ.选用正确的词填空

C.Yes, they are. D.Yes, there is. E.Yes, she does. F.They are chairs. G.No, there aren’t. H.I have many sports collections. I.There is a watch on it. J.That sounds good.

do, does, don’t, doesn’t, is, am, are, be, can, can’t 36.What ________ Sue have? She has many sports things. 37.Do you have some more paper? No, I ________. 38.There ________ two football and a volleyball in the basket. 39.Let’s ________ good friends. 40.________ you spell your name, please? 41.________ there a football game on TV today? 42.Sorry, I ________ answer the question. It’s too difficult. 43.Card ________ like sports. She thinks it’s boring. 44.________ they need more school things? 45.I ________ a football fan. I like it very much. Ⅵ.按要求转换句型 46.My father doesn’t like playing tennis. (变为肯定句)

________________________________________________________________________ 47.I think tennis is very interesting. (就划线部分提问)

________________________________________________________________________ 48.Tim has a gold watch. (变为一般疑问句)

________________________________________________________________________ 49.I play sports every morning. (变为否定句)

________________________________________________________________________ 50.There are old bikes under the tree. (变为单数句)

________________________________________________________________________ 能力训练 Ⅶ.补全对话,每空一词 Li Lei: 51 me, Tom. Do you have 53 . 54 one? 56 . 52 eraser?

Tom: Sorry. I

Li Lei: Do you think David Tom: I think 55

. You can ask 57

Li Lei: David, may I have David: Sorry, Lucy has 58

eraser, please?

eraser. Please go and ask her. 59 David’s eraser?

Li Lei: Excuse me, Lucy. May I Lucy: Certainly. Here you are.

But you must give it back to him soon. Li Lei: OK. 60 very much.

51.________ 52.________ 53.________ 54.________ 55.________ 56.________ 57.________ 58.________ 59.________ 60.________ Ⅷ.完形填空

I have a good friend. 63


name is Mary. She


from America. She is

China with her father and mother. She can Middle School in Shanghai. Her father and mother School. Mary is a good student. She She 68 66

64 65

a little Chinese. She is in the No. 15 . They are in the No. 50 Middle 67 up early.

school five days a week. She 69

to be late. She often goes to school very early. But today she got up late. So there weren’t any students in the

she got to the classroom at seven thirty. 70

classroom. She wasn’t late. She was still early. It was Saturday today. The students were all . (New words:got 是 get 的过去式 was 是 is 的过去式 were 是 are 的过去式) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )61.A.She )62.A.come )63.A.at )64.A.say )65.A.is teacher )66.A.is go B.He B.comes B.in B.tell C.Her C.are C.of C.talk D.His D, go D.from D.speak D.are doctors

B.are teachers C.go to B.likes getting

C.is doctor D.goes to C.like get


)67.A.like getting )68.A.like )69.A.And )70.A.at home

D.likes get

B.likes B.But

C.don’t like C.So D.Too

D.doesn’t like

B.in home

C.at school

D. in school

Ⅸ.阅读下列对话并选出正确答案回答问题 Jim: Let’s play computer games. Peter: That sounds good. Where’s your computer? Jim: I don’t have a computer. Do you have a computer? Peter: No, I don’t. But I have a TV. Let’s watch TV. Jim: No, it’s boring. Let’s play tennis. I have a tennis racket. Peter: Good. Where is it? Jim: On the sofa. Do you have a racket?

Peter: No, I don’t. Does your brother have a racket? Jim: Yes, he does. And he has tennis balls. ( )71.Does Jim have a computer? ________ B.He has two computers. D.No, he doesn’t.

A.He has no computer. C.Yes, he does. (

)72.Jim has a racket. Where is it? ________ B.It’s near the sofa. D.It’s under the sofa.

A.It’s on the sofa. C.It’s behind the sofa. (

)73.Does Peter have a tennis racket? ________ B.He has a tennis racket. D.No, he doesn’t.

A.Yes, he does. C.He has two tennis rackets. (

)74.Does Jim have a tennis racket? ________ B.No, he doesn’t. D.He doesn’t have a tennis racket.

A.Yes, he does. C.He has two tennis rackets. (

)75.Does his brother have a tennis racket? ________ B.Yes, he does. D.He has tennis balls.

A.He doesn’t have tennis balls. C.No, he doesn’t. Ⅹ.阅读并回答问题

Wang Lei is a Chinese taxi driver. He has a son. His name is Wang Hong. He is in No. 14 Middle School. Mr Brown is his English teacher. He loves his student, and Wang Hong studies English well. Mr Brown is from America. He has two daughters. They are twins. They and Wang Hong are good friends, they are all in the same class. On Sunday the two families often go out to the park in their cars and fly kites together(一起). 76.Where is Wang Hong from?


77.What is Wang Hong’s father?

________________________________________________________________________ 78.Where are the Browns from?

________________________________________________________________________ 79.Where does Mr Brown work now?

________________________________________________________________________ 80.Who are Wang Hong’s good friends?

________________________________________________________________________ Ⅺ.阅读短文,然后根据短文内容完成句子 Look at the picture on the blackboard. We can see a house in it. Behind the house there is a hill with many trees. Near the hill we can see a river. There are three boats in the river. One is blue, the other two are yellow. There are some Young Pioneers in those boats. Near the house we can see a big tree. Under the tree there is a small bus. It’s a white bus. 81.There is a ________ on the ________. 82.________ is the hill? It’s ________ the house. 83.There are a lot of ________ on the hill. 84.Some ________ ________ are in the boats. 85.Is there a ________ ________ bus under the big tree? Yes, there is. Ⅻ.书面表达 简要介绍自己在体育活动方面的爱好。(不得少于 5 句话)

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