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Unit 9
What does he look like?
Section B
Period 1(2a-2c)

What does he look like?

big eyes small nose

big mouth
small ears short hair


long curly

用每一句中的形容词的反义词填空。 1. My brother David isn’t tall. He is _______. short 2. Jonny has curly hair, but his mother straight has _______hair. thin 3. Sam is heavy. Tom is ______.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1 艺术家______________ 2 犯罪活动__________________ 3 罪犯_______________________ 4 放______________________ 5 每个;各自__________________ 6 方式,路线__________________7 描述________________________8 不同地________________________ 9 另一,又一________________________ 10 结尾,尽头_________________________ 11最后____________________________ 12 真正的,真实的_____________________-

2b Read the newspaper article. Which picture shows the real criminal?


? 1.What’s Joe Brown’s job? ? ? 2.How does Joe work? ? ? 3.Do you think Joe’s job is easy? Why? ? ? 4.What does the real criminal look like? ? ? 5.Which picture shows the real criminal?

2c Read the article again and write what the words in bold refer to.
Joe Brown 1. He = ______________ 2. it = _______________ the picture of the criminal

3. him = _____________ the criminal
drawing a good picture 4. this = _____________ people (who see and 5. they = many ____________ describe the criminals) ____________

the criminal 6. He = _____________

课内阅读练习 An Interesting Job Joe Brown has . He is a . Some people see crimes and then talk to Joe. They tell him what the criminal . Then Joe draws the criminal, and the police put it in newspaper and on teletivion . He wants to draw a good picture of , but this job is sometimes difficult. Many people don’t always see things (in) , so they may describe the same person . Also,they don’t always . “The criminal and young. He has long straight brown hair and big eyes.,” one women. Another women says,” He is tall and thin, and he has hair. He’s about thirty years old.” , the is a short and heavy old man, and he has short black hair!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 一份有趣的工作 2 刑侦画像师 3 画一幅……的照片 4 每一个罪犯 5 同样的方式

6 警方把它放到报纸上和电视上目的是找到他。

? 7 真正的罪犯是一个矮个的胖老头。

1.______ does your favorite singer look like? A. How B. What C. Who D. When 2.My hair is long, but ______ is short. A. he B. her C. yours D. it’s 3.He ______ tall and he ______ of medium build. A. has;is B. is;has C. is;is D. has;has 4. Each person of there a medium build. A. am B. has C. are 5. The police catching the criminals. A. is B. are C. am 6. What does your father look like?---_________ A. He is thin and has short hair. B. He is good. C. He likes apples.


Do you know George Jackson, the rock singer with sunglasses? Now George has a new image(形象). He had curly blond hair last year, but now his hair is black. He was a little fat and heavy, but now he has a medium build. He liked to wear jeans and sunglasses, but now he always wears a black jacket and he doesn’t wear glasses. When the reporter asks him about his new image. George says, “It’s great! I like to change my appearance(外貌) often. That’s fun. ” Write “T”for true or “F”for false according to the passage (根据短文判断正误,正确写“T”,错误写“F”。) ( )1. George Jackson is a singer. ( )2. George had curly blond hair in the past. ( )3. George is medium height now. ( )4. George wore jeans and sunglasses before. ( )5. George doesn’t mind his new image.

翻译句子 1.里奥个子高,中等身材。 Leo is tall and has a medium build. 2.琳达有一头漂亮的,长长的黑色头发。

Linda has bautiful ,long and black hair.
3.这个人中等身高,有一头长直发。 This man is of medium height and has long straight hair.

? ?

1 Recite 2b 2 Pre-learning 3a--selfcheck

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