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A Particular British Celebration Step four Fast reading Read the text quickly and then match the main idea of each paragraph.(10mins) Para.1 a. About Guy Fawkes and the religious condition(情况) in his time Para.2 b. A brief introduction(介绍) to one celebration----Guy Fawkes Night Para.3 c. The reason of the celebrations of Guy Fawkes Night and the ways of celebrations Para.4 d. About Fawkes and Catesby’ plan and they ended in failure. Step five Read the text again and decide whether the following statements are true or false.(10 minutes)
1.Guy Fawkes Night takes place every year on November 5th.( ) 2.Guy Fawkes lived in England in the 17th century.( ) 3.At that time in Europe there was only one kind of Christian.( ) 4.Guy Fawkes was a Catholic.( ) 5.King James always supported Protestants.( ) 6.He never allowed the Catholics to practice their religion.( ) 7.The king was consistent(一致的) in his attitude towards the Catholics.( ) 8.Guy Fawkes and Catesby succeed at last.( ) 9.King James made November 5th into a yearly celebration.( ) Exercise 阅读下面文章,然后选择最佳选项。 The Spring Festival is the biggest festival for Chinese people all around the world. The celebration usually lasts for 15 days. There is a lot to do. On the eve of the Spring Festival, family members get together and have big meals. Their favourite dish on this day is dumplings. Days before the Spring Festival, families will clean their homes. People think cleaning sweeps away bad luck. It makes the house ready for good luck. The colour red is everywhere during the Spring Festival. People think red is a happy colour and will bring them a bright future. People wear red, too. They decorate (装饰) their homes with pieces of red paper. Kids get a lot of "hong bao". It is a red paper bag with money in it. Usually, older people give younger ones hong bao. They think it brings good luck. The Spring Festival is the time to make everybody happy. So don't say any bad words or do anything that will bring unhappiness to other people. For instance, you'd better not say any bad words like "death". Don't break anything. People think that it means your luck is running out. Also, don't borrow or lend money on these days. If you have borrowed money, return it before the Spring Festival. 1. What do most people do on the eve of the Spring Festival? ( ) A. Family members gather for a big meal. B. Friends eat dumplings together. C. They borrow money from friends. D. They give each other hong bao. 2. Why do people clean their houses days before the Spring Festival? ( ) A. Because they enjoy being clean. B. Because it is believed that cleaning will sweep away bad luck. C. Because they think it will bring happiness to others. D. Because it is thought that cleaning brings in money. 3. Which of the following things is not supposed to happen during the Spring Festival? ( ) A. Returning money before the Spring Festival. B. Saying words that have to do with death. C. Wearing red clothes. D. Decorating houses with red paper. 4. The underlined phrase "running out" probably means "____". ( ) A. 跑出去 B. 打碎 C. 耗尽 D. 离开 5. We can tell from the story that the Spring Festival is ____. ( ) A. a time of harvest and fun B. celebrated for one whole month C. only celebrated in China D. a time for families to get together

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